A new collaboration with Marvel Comics! First shots of the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man (TECH-ON AVENGERS), taking pre-orders starting July 2!

An all new Avengers, brought to you through a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Tamashii Nations.
As announced during the June 2nd TAMASHII Features 2021 event, an S.H.Figuarts Iron Man (TECH-ON AVENGERS) will be released in conjunction with the original comic series “Tech-On Avengers.” Now’s your chance to take the first look at this stunning new figure!



A story set one year after the destruction of the Infinity Stones. Wearing armor designed by Tony Stark, the Avengers suit up in a world plunged into chaos once again. TECH-ON AVENGERS #1 will go on sale in America.

Check out the official site for information about participating artists, characters, and an early (partial) preview, plus a special message from Marvel’s Editor in Chief, C.B. Cebulski!

First up is Iron Man in his latest TECH-ON AVENGERS suit. The coloring is classic Iron Man, but the silhouette and details were re-envisioned by the celebrated manga artist Eiichi Shimizu with S.H.Figuarts specifically in mind.

The modular construction and detailing have been emphasized for a portrayal that is distinctly mechanized even among Iron Man’s many variations. The reds and golds are finished in metallic colors, and the feet utilize diecast metal. The deft combination of visuals, textures, and materials combine to create a totally new look for Iron Man.

Posability is a hallmark of the S.H.Figuarts series, and you will see those years of know-how put to full effect here. It’s an all new approach that’s distinct from the other MCU figures now on sale. It can take the classic fist-knee-feet landing pose, or flat-palm repulsor flight poses (translucent repulsor effect parts are included.) An included stand helps you support even the most dynamic action poses!

The most distinctive feature of Iron Man’s new suit is its DH-10 mode. That’s what the formation featuring the giant backpack and arm-mounted cannons is called.

In the comics, this is explained as a mode that allows for suits to release huge amounts of energy for explosive power. Designer Eiichi Shimizu crafted Iron Man’s appearance to emphasize the sense of weight and solidity of this new style of suit.

The DH-10 mode differs from suit to suit, and the anticipation of seeing how each hero manifests this special new power is one of the big draws of the new series.

In the sample of the story that has been posted, it isn’t precisely clear what DH-10 mode represents, but its potential is hinted at by the boosters and armaments. So too the rear view of the suit and its many fins. On the figure, these parts are rendered in ABS plastic. This maintains sharp detail while keep the weight down so as not to interfere with poses.

In DH-10 mode, a portion of the head, shoulder, and calf armor opens. The S.H.Figuarts portrayal captures this using five optional parts in the three locations. In addition to increasing the volume of the backpack, the new detail really changes the feel of the suit’s appearance.

In addition to the hand and foot parts, translucent energy effects are included that attach to the three DH-10 mode fins, to the forearm cannons, and to the chest, letting you express the tremendous energy brewing within the DH-10 mode.

The S.H.Figuarts Iron Man (TECH-ON AVENDERS) is slated to go on sale in December of 2021. Preorders will begin online and at select stores on July 2. Don’t miss this chance to experience the power of Iron Man’s new DH-10 mode yourself!

※Prototype shown. Actual product may vary.
※Information current as of publication of this article. Details are subject to change without prior notice.

Text & photos: Shizumeka

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