Sample photos of
the S.H.MonsterArts Zinogre

Following the releases of Nargacuga and Rathalos comes the third release in the S.H.MonsterArts Monster Hunter series, Zinogre! Set to go on sale in stores this summer, this is a large scale 285mm figure, featuring S.H.MonsterArts trademark posability and faithful detail, sculpted based on the actual 3D models used in the game. Created with the keen oversight of Capcom designer Kaname Fujioka, we are confident that this represents the pinnacle of Monster Hunter action figures! Now let’s take a look at the photos of the latest production samples!

*Early production sample shown. Actual product may vary.

The huge and frighteningly agile Zinogre is known and feared by players for its aggressive, acrobatic attacks. In three dimensions it resembles a dragon less than a giant wolf, and this figure is designed to capture its appearance down to the ti-niest features. Powerful forelegs; that thick, sturdy tail; the spines along its back: all of it rendered in realistic, lifelike detail. Even the “flow” of its fur standing on end is designed to draw out the impressive energy of the Lord of Lightning.

The head sculpt is the heart and soul of any figure, and you can see how detailed it is in these photos. Also note the powerful musculature of the neck and legs!

That giant tail! You can sense the power from the size of the sculpt.

The paint job is designed to draw out and emphasize the Zinogre’s electrical pow-er-ups, with rich golds and blues contrasting beautifully and realistically. The ar-mor plates and fur use a mixture of translucent parts and delicate painting to bring out lifelike detail.

By adding paint to translucent parts, subtle gradations can be created, as can be seen in the change in color from the base to the tips of the fur.

This being an action figure, ensuring lifelike posability was a high priority. S.H.MonsterArts technology helps the figure capture a variety of natural poses from the game, just like players expect.

The claws on the forelimbs and rear legs can be swapped out with options to rep-licate different in-game appearances.

Joints were created based on the model’s skeletal structure for realistic posability. Even the jaw -- the mouth opens and closes without compromising the figure’s appearance.

The distinctive howling at the moon pose as seen in the game. The included stand, with its ground detail, helps set the scene.

Combine it with the separately-sold S.H.MonsterArts Rathalos to re-create dra-matic territory battles from the game!

That’s it for the review.
This is one figure Zinogre fans in particular will not want to miss – look for it at your favorite store starting soon!

This is a translation of the original Japanese article.