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The Rathalos is a highly posable action figure born out of a collaboration between Capcom’s popular game series Monster Hunter and Bandai Spirits’ S.H.MonsterArts brand. Now let’s take a look at the pride of the toy series, the figure’s incredible posability.

In the game, Ratahlos twists and turns through the skies, striking fear into its prey below. S.H.MonsterArts is dedicated to pursuing the ultimate posability without sacrificing the essential form of characters. And as you’ll see in the photos, that craftsmanship is on full display in the realization of the Rathalos figure.


First, let’s take a look at the articulation of the body. Rathalos curve their bodies into a distinctive shape when they hover. S.H.MonsterArts team replicates this by dividing body into natural segments in keeping with the detail of the shell. The result is a figure whose body is flexible enough to be drawn nearly into a circular shape along its length. That flexible body allows you to capture any pose seen in the game.

The structure of the body incorporates both horizontal and vertical flexibility. This allows you to pose distinctive twists, bringing out the sense of the monster as a biological creature that makes the Rathalos such a dynamic character in the game. Note in particular how the tail can be placed in swinging poses.


Attacking with claws is a trademark Rathalos move while in the air. A human’s hands are indispensable for grabbing and throwing things; for the Rathalos, legs fill this role. That’s why each part of the feet has been articulated; even the fearsome poison claws are individually posable. The ankles are articulated as well, allowing for wide stances.

▲Normal, open wings.
▲Folded wings using option parts.


The forelimbs allow the wings great freedom of motion. In order to avoid breaking up the large surface area of the wings, a portion of swappable parts are used to replicate both open and closed wing positions.

Effect Parts

Flame breath effect parts are included as an option.
Attaching them lets you imitate scenes from the game.

A stand for supporting the huge, articularted body and dramatic effect parts let you re-create all of the action from the game with the S.H.MonsterArts Rathalos action figure!

The S.H.MonsterArts Rathalos is scheduled to go on sale in October 2020.

*Images show a prototype and the actual product may vary.


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