Part 2

Overview & Sculpting

The Rathalos, symbol of the hit Capcom game series Monster Hunter is joining the S.H.Monsterarts series. We went over some details of the action figure, whose development was overseen by game director Kaname Fujioka, in Part 1. Now, we’d like to focus on how the CG models were used as the basis for coloring the action figure. And as a bonus, we’ll look at the included stand, too!

As a flying wyvern, the coloring of the Rathalos is very different from the fur-covered Nargacuga. It has a magma-like red hue that seems to be heated from within. The aim was re-creating the textures of the CG model, with its deep reds, blacks, and browns highlighted by whites and sandy yellows.


The head features complex colorations, from the blacks on the tip of the chin and beak giving way to a sandy color that turns to reds and blacks. All of it serving to concentrate the gaze on that ferocious face. The eyes provide a fearsome expression.


The central back-armor is black, giving way to reds on the periphery. The tail of the Rathalos, which is male, isn’t poisonous, but the black spikes speak to the power of the monster’s attacks. But perhaps its most distinctive characteristic is the complex patterning of the wings. A base of red gives way to gradations of whites. Atop it all are flame-like stripes.


The palette of Rathalo’s body is one of reds and blacks. This gives it a dinosaur-like or reptilian feel.
This is highlighted by the realistically rendered wrinkles and bumps of the wing skin. The forelimbs that support the wings have a lifelike feel as well.

A “cross” of deep browns highlights the shape of the wings, chest, and underbelly along the tail. The legs are graded in lighter reds to showcase the fearsomely poisoned talons.


As befitting a resplendent flying wyvern, the Rathalos can curve its body distinctively. The S.H.MonsterArts action figure was designed around this posability. The stand supports not only the body, but the wings and tail, for stable displayability. A total of four posts hold the figure firmly. That distinctive hovering pose that’s menaced many a Hunter will be instantly recognizable to players. And of course, it can be displayed with wings folded as well.

In the third installment, we will explore the trademark articulation of the S.H.MonsterArts figure, and the accessories.

*Images show a prototype and the actual product may vary.


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