Part 1

Overview & Sculpting

Monsters from the hugely popular Monster Hunter action game series are joining S.H.Figuarts as highly posable action figures! Following the first release in the series, Nargacuga, comes what might just be the series’ most famous monster: Rathalos! Let’s take an official first look at this upcoming figure.

Rathalos appeared on the packaging of both Capcom’s very first 2005 “Monster Hunter” game and the 2005 followup “Monster Hunter Portable.” Rathalos truly could be called the symbol of the franchise.

An aggressive and agile aerial apex-predator, Rathalos is a formidable presence in the game. Its ferocious silhouette and lithe maneuvers have earned it the title of the “king of the skies.” It is also well known for its ferocious fire-attacks, making it a feared symbol of the flying wyverns. Dominating the skies over the Ancient Forest, it uses fire breath and poison talons to suddenly dive-bomb of prey, making it a truly difficult monster to defeat. Its fire-generating Flame Sac is a key material in forging fire-elemental weapons.

Just as with the previous S.H.MonsterArts release of Nargacuga, the Rathalos figure portrays the monster as seen in the expansion Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Set on an all new continent, it introduces players to new forms of monsters, including Rathalos.

The development process for the Rathalos figure was closely overseen by Capcom game director Kaname Fujioka, just as he did for Nargacuga. Under his supervision, the S.H.MonsterArts team used official CG models and characteristics to create the ultimate in posable action figures.

The intricately sculpted head with its stunning raised detail captures the appearance of the Rathalos as seen in the latest game, Monster Hunter: World. The jaw is hinged to open widely, exposing rows of fangs. The eyes, sculpted to evoke a living creature, and the rough skin all combine to accentuate the authenticity of the design.

In spite of being from related species of flying wyverns, the red scales and fundamental silhouette of Rathalos differ sharply from that of Nargacuga. With wings unfurled, the impression of its being an apex predator of the skies is all the stronger.

Unlike Nargacuga, which is covered in fur, the Rathalos is armored with thick reptilian scales and plates. You can get a sense for this hard texture from the photos. Note that distinctive tail, so familiar to legions of Hunters as a key material for carving.

In our next installment, we’ll take a closer look at the coloring process used on the S.H.MonsterArts Rathalos!

*Images show a prototype and the actual product may vary.