Nargacuga Part 4

The Flying Monster Nargacuga from the “Monster Hunter” game series is joining S.H.MonsterArts!

In this final installment, we will explore the various accessory parts included with the figure. These extra options give you all sorts of ways to enjoy the S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga.

▲Readied for Attack

An optional tail part replicates the appearance of Nargacuga when readied up for an attack. Attach this sharply aggressive-looking tip and pose the tail upward to portray the monster’s ferocious on-screen appearance during an attack!

One of the features of the Monster Hunter series is being able to break or sever specific parts of monsters in combat.
The S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga lets you replicate this kind of scene with an “severed” option part, realistically colored to show the “meat” and “bone” inside of the severed tail.
You can place the fixed-pose unpainted hunter figurine next to it to recreate the scene of a hunter chopping off Nargacuga’s tail!


As hunters attack Nargacuga in the game, it naturally grows more and more angry and its eyes turn a deep red color. The figure includes optional eye pieces to let you capture this dramatic transition.
Another feature of the Nargacuga is the red tracer trails it weaves through the air in the darkness of its ancient forest habitat. To replicate this, the optional eye parts feature a red line extending from eyes to ears.

Next is the stand, designed to replicate a toppled tree in the forest.
It’s designed to accentuate the Nargacuga’s fearsome power, and the appearance of the figure atop the tree really brings home the size and physical presence of the character.

The S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga action figure is designed to perfectly capture the appearance of the monster as it appeared in “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.” It offers plenty of play value both for fans of the game series and of the S.H.MonsterArts line.
Pre-orders for the Nargacuga will begin June 1st. Don’t miss your chance!

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