Nargacuga Part 3

The Large Monster Nargacuga from the “Monster Hunter” game series is joining S.H.MonsterArts!

In the last article, we explored the highly accurate sculpting of the S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga figure, which portrays the character as seen in the game “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.”

This time, we are going to discuss the high posability of this S.H.MonsterArts figure, as befitting its evolution from the popular S.H.Figuarts series. The S.H.MonsterArts action figure series is dedicated to faithfully portraying the looks, colors, and poses of monster characters. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Nargacuga from the viewpoint of its articulation and posability in addition to the first photos of the hunter figurine included as a first-release bonus.

This is one seriously posable figure. In fact you could say that the S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga’s defining trait is its incredible posability. With joints provided from its head to the tip of its tail, it’s capable of taking nearly any pose you can imagine, perfectly capturing its menacing appearance as seen in the game.

▲Head Close Up

First, the head. The jaw is hinged to open and close, letting you replicate a roar. The neck has five points of articulation, letting it be posed freely. It really has to be seen and held to be believed.

▲Forelegs Close Up

The forelegs can spread from 60° to about 180° open. This lets you capture both active hunting and sleeping poses. You can observe it up close, as though it’s just been captured in a trap.

▲Blade Opening

The arm blades also open and close. The sharp blade-like spline isn’t normally visible, but opens when the Nargacuga strikes at its prey. This feature is designed to let you capture details of the creature in action.

▲Back and Waist Close Up

The torso has two points of articulation. This divides the figure into upper torso, chest, and rear legs, letting you capture realistically “animalistic” poses.


The rear leg plates are separated to move in concert with the body, letting you capture all sorts of situations, from feline-like raised-hackle poses or forward-splayed sleeping poses.

▲Rear legs
▲Feline raised-hackle pose
▲Rear Leg Comparison
▲Tail Close Up

The tail has five points of articulation.

▲Tail Vertical Posability
▲Tail Horizontal Posability

This lets you pose the tail in everything from drooping to straight-up orientations, or swayed at nearly any angle from side to side.

▲First Release Bonus Hunter Figure

Finally, a word about the extra figurine included!
The S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga comes packaged with an in-scale, fixed-pose unpainted figurine of a hunter.
Sculpted to portray a hunter squaring off against Nargacuga with his sword, it’s molded in an impressive amount of detail. It’s instantly recognizable even at this tiny size.
Displayed alongside the Nargacuga figure, it really enhances the sense of scale and immersion.

In the next installment, we’ll explain more about the accessories included with the S.H.MonsterArts Nargacuga.

※Photos show prototypes. Actual product may vary.
※Photos are intended for explanatory use only.
※Release dates and details are subject to change without prior notice.