Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO review Vol.1

Now is the perfect time to get into collecting Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts with these four great retail releases. They are all from the 2022 Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO movie. Collectors who have collected past models of these characters may still find great reasons to pick these up as they all have unique accessories or updated expressions from previous releases.

PICCOLO SUPER HERO is the first to come out in April, and he is rocking an updated design with yellow arm features, his red belt, and wrist bands.

SON GOKU SUPER HERO is the second release from this line and had hit the shelves in May. He comes with newly sculpted expressions! His clothes and skin tone match his appearance in the movie.

VEGETA SUPER HERO is the third release for this retail lineup. His release is June 2022. As with other figures in this lineup, this figure captures the likeness of Vegeta from the movie really well and he has a solid selection of expressions.

The movie's main protagonist, ULTIMATE GOHAN SUPER HERO, is the final release of the four retail movie S.H.Figuarts releases. He comes out in July with the first updated body model for an adult Gohan figure release. His clothes match Piccolo’s design in this movie!

This release has excellent articulation thanks to his updated body model. His lower chest has a nice curve under his rib cage, which allows him to bend forward and diagonally, making it easier to get those dynamic action poses. This model allows for a wide range of motion. The biggest update is the ankle design that allows for extra tilting and makes it easier to keep his feet flat on the ground when his legs are apart.

ULTIMATE GOHAN comes with several expressions, but if you are hungry for more, then you are in luck since GAMMA 1 & GAMMA 2 are coming out with extra accessories for this Gohan release. GAMMA 1 & GAMMA 2 have just opened up for preorder on Premium Bandai with a February 2023 release date. GAMMA 1 comes with a Super Saiyan head with two more expression face plates, and GAMMA 2 comes with the normal form head with glasses and a cape!

ULTIMATE GOHAN SUPER HERO is looking like the top retail release for 2022, especially when combined with the extras from GAMMA 1 and GAMMA 2! Not only do we get an adult Gohan model, but he also has great articulation and solid joints. He was able to stand on one leg with no balance issues, which makes us really excited for future releases of Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts that will implement the use of similar joint designs.

The scaling of each figure together works well, but more importantly, they are great fun to pose in action combat scenes. Since they are all from the movie, you can have fun recreating iconic scenes and battles that you will experienced when watching the movie.