S.H.Figuarts Great Ape Vegeta

On sale July 2020 18,700yen (Tax incl., Shipping Excl.)

SIZE:The LARGEST figure in SHF Dragon ball History!

ACTION:SHF at a size never seen before! Move this Giant at your own will!!

Diecast parts in the chest are used to support the arms.

a click feature is used to support this figures extra weight and size. Furthemore, a special pullout feature allows you to recreate Great Ape like poses.

OPTION: Extra parts to reenact your favorite battle scenes!

Movable Jaw and extra face part dameged by Goku's energy blast.

YAAAAGH!!!!! Damn you Kakarot!! YOU'VE SCARRED My FACE!!!!

Extra hands crushing a Goku scaled to Great Ape Vegeta's size!


Also with a scaled Yajirobe!

Reenact that famous scene with this cut tail

The cut tail was reenacted!


Comes with stylish black stand

This stylish black stand made specifically for Great Ape Vegeta can also be used to display the moment Yajirobe saves Goku