The “S.H.Figuarts SON GOKU’S HARAHACHIBUNME SET,” which lets you replicate all sorts of dining scenes from Dragon Ball Z, arrives in stores on Thursday, July 22nd!
*Japanese Release Date.

Let’s take a look at the latest photos to get a feel for what makes this set so much fun!

Eating scenes are memorable in the Dragon Ball, DragonBall Z, and Dragon Ball Super. They can be found all throughout the series: at Goku’s house, the Tenkaichi Budokai, during training, at Capsule Corporation parties, you name it.

This set finally lets fans replicate these scenes for themselves!

It includes enough delicious-looking foods to make fans drool: bowl of fried rice, barbecued pork, ramen, dumplings, fish, and more.

And what Chinese meal would be complete without a big turntable, plus seats and all the bowls, plates, and silverware you need?

(Did you notice how the positions of the fried rice and roast pig changed with the rotation of the table?)

This set also includes optional expression parts that can be used with the “S.H.Figuarts SON GOKU –Saiyan Raised on Earth-“. Which includes his “eating face,” hands for holding a fork, chopsticks, and a bowl.

This scene really makes me want to order in some food!

Now that you can properly feed your “S.H.Figuarts SON GOKU –Saiyan Raised on Earth-” figure, he’ll be ready for all sorts of battles! Because nobody likes fighting on an empty stomach.

For those who don’t yet own the “S.H.Figuarts SON GOKU –Saiyan Raised on Earth-” figure, this set is the perfect chance to get both and try them out for yourselves!

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The “S.H.Figuarts SON GOKU’S HARAHACHIBUNME SET” arrives in stores on Thursday, July 22nd! *Japanese release date.

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