The gods of the underworld assemble at last! SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX THANATOS is now available for preorder at retail stores!

Following on the heels of Hades and Hypnos, we've summoned the last of the gods of the underworld: Thanatos, god of death! This deadly deity will fill out our roster of Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX figures, and in today's blog, we'll be covering him in all his deliciously divine glory!

*All images are colored samples or in-development factory models, and may differ from the final product.
*Excluding Thanatos, all figures shown here are sold separately.

Thanatos was the first of the underworld gods to be added to our Saint Cloth Myth lineup back in 2008, and we released him to celebrate the release of Saint Seiya The Hades: Chapter Elysion. Since Thanatos here was our first, we put a lot of effort into sculpting his divine form. Fast forward to today, and we've gone the extra mile in crafting our Saint Cloth Myth EX iteration of him. Take his surplice and its gleaming luster, for one. Don't forget the sleek curves of his wings, either! Honestly, we've done our best to faithfully recreate every line of his look from the anime, and we're proud to say that this version of him has been polished to EX perfection.

Thanatos and his silver eyes and hair cut an imposing figure, and serve as a great contrast to his twin brother, Hypnos. Note his hair, and its metallic silvery sheen and ice grey highlight. We did our best to have the Saint Cloth Myth version of Thanatos faithfully replicate the anime coloring! Thanatos also comes with 4 interchangeable faces to cover his full range of emotions, such as a malevolent smirk and closed-eyes confidence.

This model uses the same new tech we first used with Hades—the EX Metal Body. We've also upped his joint durability and range of mobility with die cast parts, allowing him to assume powerful poses that display his truly godlike power. One attack is all he'll need to pulverize any gold cloth! Not only that, but we've given him the most voluminous outfit yet, and compared to Hades and Hypnos, he's got surplus surplice for days. Nothing like a little volume to add power and dignity, right?

You'll also find the white robe that he wore when he confronts the Saints included with this model. Unlike the aggressive silhouette cut by his combat surplice, this outfit presents his dignified and stately divine majesty in all its glory.

Hades has a hobby: playing the harp with nymphs. In both the Saint Cloth Myth and Saint Cloth Myth EX versions, we've added this harp to help show Thanatos's gentler side. Whereas this harp was given a dark color scheme to match his battle attire in the Saint Cloth Myth figure, in EX, we've followed the anime and given it a metallic silvery sheen.

But there's still more! You'll also find a fixed figure of young Pandora clasping Hades's soul included with Thanatos as well! She stands proud upon a base modeled after the pendant she received from Shun. If you also have the young Ikki and Shun figures included in the SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX ANDROMEDA SHUN [FINAL BRONZE CLOTH], you'll be able to recreate memorable scenes such as those between Ikki and Pandora, or Shun and Hades.

Thanatos's Surplice can be taken apart, removed, and turned into a separate display object. This version of his cloth was never shown in the anime itself, and is a unique piece based instead on a detailed diagram in the original manga.

We'd be doing you a disservice if we didn't mention that posing Saint Cloth Myth and Saint Cloth Myth EX series' items together allows you to reproduce legendary scenes from the anime, too!

One of the greatest climaxes of the Elysion arc was when our hero stood defiant against the threat of his impossibly powerful divine foe, burning his microcosm to activate the god cloth. We're confident that the quality of these figures will allow you to surpass even the original scenes!

Thanatos finally stands beside Hades and Hypnos! The three great gods of the underworld have assembled, and what a fearsome sight they make! We hope you'll use our Saint Cloth Myth EX figures to recreate the same scenes in your own home!

Saint Cloth Myth EX Thanatos is now available for preorder at retail stores!
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