Preorders available now! A first look at the Saint Cloth Myth EX Dragon Shiryu (Final Bronze Cloth)!

I’ve always been ready for death!
Now you will see the final form of the Dragon!

Wearing a Final Bronze Cloth forged with the blood of Athena, Dragon Shiryu joins the Saint Cloth Myth EX series! With preorders beginning this month, images of the prototype can finally be revealed!

*Prototype images shown. Actual product may vary.
*All products except Saint Cloth Myth EX Dragon Shiryu (Final Bronze Cloth) sold separately. Some limited items may not be available for sale on Tamashii Web.

Following in the footsteps of the Saint Cloth Myth EX Pegasus Seiya (Final Bronze Cloth), a totally renewed edition of Dragon Shiryu joins the EX series. This represents seventeen years since he last appeared in this form, in the 2005 Saint Cloth Myth series release.

The figure has been engineered to perfectly capture his on-screen appearance, with all-new new arm and leg joints based on those from the last Seiya release, letting you display it among other EX figures with ease.

Four optional expression parts are included. In addition to a fierce shout, two closed-eye faces showing him activating his senses to invoke otherworldly powers, and a smile are included. These let you replicate a wide variety of dramatic scenes.

And no EX release would be complete without something new – in this case a hair option. Shiryu has been released in many forms previously, but this edition contains something totally unique: a hairstyle option based on his appearance in the anime, sculpted to evoke his incredible powers manifesting.

A spread-open hairstyle is included too, further expanding your display possibilities. You can even achieve an accurate “Rozan Sho Ryu Ha” pose!

Numerous optional hands and expressions, combined with the hair parts, let you capture all sorts of drama from the series! Those familiar with earlier releases will be absolutely blown away by the new possibilities opened by the Saint Cloth Myth EX edition!

Master! I learned this from watching you!

Resolute, Shiryu faces off against his former master by unleashing the Cosmos through the Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha technique. It’s a testament to how far figure technology has come in the seventeen years since the beginning of the Saint Cloth Myth series, when poses like this would have been unimaginable. Shiryu is a crystallization of all of that know-how, effort, and history!

Can you find a use for my Excalibur, Shiryu?

I’d be honored to.

Options are included to re-create the dramatic handshake in the Hades Arc: Final Chapter OVA. Shiryu’s connection to the Gold Saints is symbolized by this famous scene in front of the Wailing Wall.

The Cloth can be removed and reassembled into Object Mode.

The Bronze Cloths feature the most dynamic Object Modes of all the Saints, and now you can enjoy Shiryu’s in your display.

The young saints, joined in camaraderie and their unshakable sense of justice, head for the final battleground of Elysion. Now you can start building your own army of hot-blooded warriors!

The Saint Cloth Myth EX Dragon Shiryu (Final Bronze Cloth) is available for preorder now. For more information, check the Saint Seiya Series special page at Tamashii!
This is a translation of the original Japanese article.