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A first look at the Saint Cloth Myth EX Gemini Kanon <Revival Edition>

As seen in the Hades Arc of Saint Seiya, Gemini Kanon inherits a Gold Cloth from his brother Saga to become one of Athena’s saints. Now he rejoins the Saint Cloth Myth EX series! Take a look at the photos below to see what’s new!

*The images are of a prototype. Actual product may vary.
*The Tamashii STAGE shown is sold separately.

The Saint Cloth Myth EX Gemini Kanon <Revival Edition> in full cloth. The body is the same as previous editions, but the face is all new.

Five facial options are included. In addition to the standard face, eyes closed, shouting, grimacing, and smile are included. All are newly sculpted for this release. The smile is particularly interesting, as it captures his multi-faceted personality filled with atonement for the past and decisiveness towards his new path. It was created and refined by sculptor Kana Minamida over numerous discussions with the R&D.

Another new feature is this open-finger hand option. Translucent parts capture his trademark Illusion Fist attack.

And no portrayal would be complete without Kanon’s impressive Galaxian Explosion. While this effect was included with previous editions of the character, here it features new colors designed to evoke Kanon’s cosmos.

That’s it for this first look at the Saint Cloth Myth EX Gemini Kanon <Revival Edition>!
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This is a translation of the original Japanese article.