A sneak peek at the protoype of the Saint Cloth Myth EX Griffon Minos ~ORIGINAL COLOR EDITION~, on pre order!

Griffon Minos, one of the Three Judges of Hell and king of the 108 Spectres rejoins Saint Cloth Myth EX in an ORIGINAL COLOR EDITION evoking his appearance in the pages of the manga!
Let’s compare it to the original Saint Cloth Myth EX Griffon Minos released in 2018 to see the changes.

*Images are of a prototype. Actual product may vary.

Continuing in the path of the sold-out Saint Cloth Myth EX Wyvern Rhadamanthys, Minos is clad in a rich purple-hued Surplice. The body inside utilizes the EX METAL BODY used for Rhadamanthys, allowing it to support the massive wings and shoulder-pieces with ease.

The bluish-gray hair of the original is now rendered in a vibrant golden hue. It contrasts beautifuly with the deeper color of the Surplice for a more three-dimensional appearance.

A comparison with the 2018 Saint Cloth Myth EX Griffon Minos, which is on the left.
The dark tones of the original now radiate an otherworldly purple. The coloring of the joints have been improved through the use of the EX METAL BODY as well.

The accessories are the same as that of its predecessor.
Numerous expression parts and option hands let you re-create your favorite scenes.

Object mode. Note the piercing crimson eyes, as befitting a beast of the underworld.

Here it is posed alongside the Saint Cloth Myth EX Wyvern Rhadamanthys ~ORIGINAL COLOR EDITION~. Only one remains to assemble the Three Judges of the Underworld – stay tuned for more information soon.

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Saints, Gods, Mariners, Spectres.... They’re all part of the growing legions of Saint Cloth Myth EX.
And the next release revisits a certain Saint with a deep connection to the Underworld....

This is a translation of the original Japanese article.