Prototype photos of the upcoming Saint Cloth Myth EX Lord of Sleep Hypnos – preorder now!

Following the release of the Hades figure, now the Lord of Sleep, Hypnos, one of two twins who dwells in the holy garden of Elysium, joins the Saint Cloth Myth series. Preorders available now, so let’s take an early look!

*Prototype shown. Actual product may vary.

The purple and gold plated surplice evokes the deep slumber into which Hypnos induces the living into deep slumber. First released in the 2008 Saint Cloth Myth series, this all-new Hypnos makes ample use of more than a decade of toy tech-nology development to refine the proportions, balance, and overall appearance of the character. Should you happen to own the Saint Cloth Myth figure, posing it side by side with this new Saint Cloth Myth EX figure will show you just how far toy engineering has come in that time.

Flowing golden hair and glimmering eyes make for a striking face, further accen-tuated by the perfect fit of the mask.

Four optional faces are included to let you capture different moods. A cool, con-descending smirk and others help you bring out Hypnos’ character and replicate scenes from on screen.

The Hypnos is the second figure, after the Saint Cloth Myth EX Hades, to use the EX Metal Body. Utilizing diecast metal for knees, elbows, and other areas, it inte-grates even more closely with the surplice and adds satisfying heft to the figure. The surplice features excellent posability as well, allowing you to capture dramatic raised-arm poses such as his trademark Eternal Drousiness attack.

The set includes a white robe for scenes where Hypnos is not wearing his surplice. It is made of cloth, for a high quality feel, and captures his appearance as seen in the garden of Elysium.

The surplice can also be arranged into Object Mode. This feature is not seen in the anime series, so we combined anime style with manga visual references to bring it to life.

The box in which the twins’ souls were trapped for centuries is included as an ac-cessory. It features a hinged lid and replica of Athena’s seal.

Re-create the battle against the Bronze Saints in Elysium!
Now you can relive the battle of the brave young Saints against the dark gods whose shadow threatens the land!

*Saint Cloth Myth Andromeda Shun, Dragon Shiryu, and Cygnus Hyoga are all sold separately.

Pre-orders for Saint Cloth Myth Hypnos are available now!
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This is a translation of the original Japanese article.