The divine Delta warrior
And the Silver Saint

“I’ll send you to hell in a prison of crystal. Amethyst Sealed!”

New items in the Saint Cloth Myth and Saint Cloth Myth EX series! First up is the Saint Cloth Myth EX Delta Megrez Alberich! As seen in the Asgard arc of the anime series, he is one of seven fabled God Warriors of Asgard. This EX figure represents an update of the Saint Cloth Myth figure released in 2009, featuring enhanced sculpting, posability, and techniques developed over those 12 years for a truly definitive portrayal of the character. The God Robe is finished in color chrome, with a rich hue distinct from that of the Myth figure, designed to evoke the on-screen appearance all the more.

Optional expression parts include normal face, grimacing, eyes closed, shouting, and smirking. The smirk is taken directly from scenes in the anime, putting you right in the middle of yet another of Delta Megrez Alberich’s plots. And there’s an eye printed underneath the hair covering the right side of his face.

Numerous hand options are included as well. The God Robe mask is detachable, and can be carried in his right hand. Optional hands let you replicate his Unity of Nature or Amethyst Sealed techniques.

The Flame Sword is included as well. It is molded in translucent plastic to evoke amethyst crystal, and you can also attach an optional flame effect. Both right and left hands for holding the sword are included.

The God Robe can be removed and reassembled into the Delta Object. The skull and crystal motif is a standout, even by already high Myth standards. The center translucent crystal parts form the Flame Sword.

“Don’t get cocky, Bronze Saints.
You’ll never survive my saucer attack!”

Next is Auriga Capella, who joins the classic Saint Cloth Myth series. He’s the Silver Saint who arrived in Japan with Kerberos Dante to defeat Phoenix Ikki. In the anime, his Cloth is a dark gray. But in keeping with the other Silver Saint figures, here it is rendered in a pale chrome, emphasizing the nature of his Silver Cloth. His waist-mounted saucer weapons are detachable and can be held in either hand.

In keeping with EX series, it features many optional faces: normal, smirking, shouting, surprised. The surprised look lets you re-create a dramatic scene from the anime.

The famed battle! The moment he realizes he’s been tricked by Ikki’s Phoenix Illusion Dragon Fist. Those who own the Phoenix Ikki (original Bronze Cloth) can enjoy this kind of display. For those only familiar with the manga, the anime version of the fight is quite different – check it out on DVD or Blu-ray.

Of course, a frame is included to create Object Mode. In Greek mythology Auriga was humanoid, and for the figure his Object Mode is a chariot. This mode isn’t seen in the anime, so it was re-created from an analysis of the comics.

Currently, three out of eight God Saints have received the Saint Cloth Myth EX treatment. The announcement of Alberich marks a new path forward. And Capella’s release means only a few Silver Saints remain. Stay tuned for announcements about future releases. Saint Cloth Myth EX Delta Megrez Alberich goes on sale in November, and Saint Cloth Myth Auriga Capella ships in November.

This is a translation of the original Japanese article.