Seiya Again!
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Wearing his Final Bronze Cloth as restored by the blood of Athena, Pegasus Seiya faces off against Hades. And now he joins Saint Cloth Myth EX in a perfect re-creation of his appearance in the OVA series. This marks sixteen years since the first Final Bronze Cloth appeared in the Saint Cloth Myth series.
In anticipation of its upcoming release, we’re going to explore how this new EX edition Pegasus takes flight once again!

※Images shown are of samples. Actual product may vary.

Here’s the package. The constellation Pegasus glimmers against a red backdrop evoking the sky of the underworld.

The Final Bronze Cloths were repaired and enhanced by the blood of Athena prior to the battle against the army of Hades. Figures wearing these Cloths were released in the Saint Cloth Myth series starting in 2005 (so we’ll call them the “2005 versions” from here on out.) The Saint Cloth Myth EX series debuted in in 2011. The techniques learned since then have all been applied in the production of this Pegasus Seiya figure. The arms and legs were selected to emphasize his youthful proportions, and the head, biceps, and shoulders are all newly sculpted.

The red banding around each bicep features raised detail. Diecast metal parts reinforce the slim torso and legs for a sense of weight and power. New and old versions of the chest and thigh pieces are included as well. The leggings and headgear are molded from plastic to achieve anime-style sharpness and detail.

The Saint Cloth Myth brand has been around since the founding of the Collectors Division, in 2005, and in those 16 years has notched many records in the world of action figures. So many improvements have worked into the series over the years, refining proportions, the fit of the parts and the rear side appearance, the joints of the arms and legs.

A variety of expression parts are included: two determined faces with pursed lips; a shouting forward-looking face; a grimacing face; and a shouting face with eyes to the right. These can be in turn be selectively displayed with or without headgear.

An in-scale Athena Statue is included as well. Small enough to be held in the figure’s hand, it is sculpted in intricate detail, from her hair, dress, and miniature Nike statue it holds. The figure includes an optional hand for gripping the statue.

Optional wings as seen during the attack on Elysion at the end of the Hades arc are included. They can be freely attached and detached. Finished in chrome, they are jointed so as to be freely posable.

Featuring all of the posability fans have come to expect from the EX series, with five optional expression parts, and designed for a free range of motion, this figure lets you capture dynamic scenes from the anime. The optional wings of the Final Bronze Cloth add even more excitement. Although Pegasus wasn’t wearing headgear during the Elysion scenes of the anime, now you can create a “fully equipped” original version using the headgear and wing accessories with this figure!

※The Cloth parts are heavy, so poses with two feet on the ground are recommended for long-term displays.

The Cloth parts can be assembled on the Object mode frame (seen at right). The leaping front legs and spreading wings evoke the spirit and excitement of the Pegasus.

The wings are posable in Object Mode as well, so you can change their angle for different appearances. An optional back part for displaying without wings is included as well, so you can mount virtually every piece from the figure (save for hands, optional hair, and Athena Statue) on the Object Mode for storage. The gauntlets can be stored in the bottom of the base.

Pegasus Seiya, hero of the Saint Cloth Myth and Saint Cloth Myth EX series, was a powerful force in his Bronze Cloth. This brand-new item captures that drama – and lets you experience how much technology has evolved in the close to 20 years since that battle against Hades!

In July comes a renewed version of SAINT CLOTH MYTH STEEL SAINT SKYCLOTH SHO <REVIVAL Ver.> with some new colors and new expression parts; in April comes SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX CAPRICORN SHURA<REVIVAL Ver.>; in June comes SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX ARIES MU <REVIVAL Ver.>; in September comes SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX LIBRA DOHKO [GOD CLOTH] (reissue) and SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX SIREN SORRENTO <ASGARD FINAL BATTLE Ver.>!

What’s more: SAINT CLOTH MYTH AURIGA CAPELLA is coming soon!

Along with CERBERUS DANTE, now you can display the SILVER SAINTS facing off against HYOGA and SHUN! The details will be announced in June.

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※Images shown are of samples. Actual product may vary.

This is a translation of the original Japanese article.