Carrying on the traditions
of the “Saint Cloth Myth”
and Saint “Cloth Myth EX” series:
Saint Cloth Myth EX Bronze Cloths
are back in a new “Revival” edition!

Following the continuing release of the Gold Cloth Saints in the “Saint Cloth Myth EX” series comes a new Revival series of bronze cloth saints!
To commemorate this momentous occasion, let’s trace the history of the Bronze Cloths from the anime series as released in the “Saint Cloth Myth” and “Saint Cloth Myth EX” series.

The 2010 Saint Cloth Myth series launched with the Bronze Cloths. Redesigned from the original comic designs for heavier combat, the Saints wore them from the “Galaxian Wars” through the “12 Temples” arcs. Capturing the look of the Bronze Saints in the opening of the television show, the Saint Cloth Myth figures could be said to symbolize the appearance of the Saints from this era of the se-ries.
“Saint Cloth Myth” followed the tradition set by the original 1986 “Saint Cloth Se-ries,” still fondly remembered by toy collectors today. It featured many Cloths seen from the very first episode; later re-released in updated forms in the “Saint Cloth Myth” series, they set a standard for quality that still resonates today.
The Bronze Cloths reached a new stage with their appearance in the “Saint Cloth Myth EX” series.

The revival editions of the early Bronze Cloths began in 2019. Based on the same level of quality and specifications as the other releases in the series, they also in-cluded newly sculpted facial and hair parts.
Sculpted by fan-favorite Kana Minamida, based on the beautiful illustrations by Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno, they strove to capture the appearance of the characters from the earliest era of the animated series.
Abundant expression parts, such as shouting faces, were included to give the EX figures the unparalleled play value expected for a revival edition.

Next, let’s take a look at the New Bronze Cloths from the Asgard arc of the anime series that were released in Saint Cloth Myth EX.
In 2012, the year after the brand’s launch, the first Pegasus Seiya New Bronze Cloth went on sale to great acclaim. This new Bronze Cloth represented a much-anticipated ten-year anniversary renewal of the 2003-4 releases of the Bronze Cloths in the Saint Cloth Myth series.
Featuring improved proportions and range of motion compared to their predeces-sors, and provided with abundant expression parts, these figures stood shoulder to shoulder with the contemporary Gold Cloth Saint releases and blazed a new trail for fans of the continuing EX series.

Now, commemorating a decade since the release of those epic figures comes a new revival of the Bronze Cloth Saints! The very first is Phoenix Ikki (New Bronze Cloth) <Revival Edition>, which includes a Cloth blueprint chart. It is set to go on sale in stores on Saturday, February 20th.

Price: 8,800 yen (inc. 10% Japan sales tax)
Release: February 20, 2021

The very first of the New Bronze Cloths to go on sale in the EX series, Phoenix Ikki represented the start of an incomparable lineup to come, letting fans re-create dramatic face-offs with powerful foes.
Those who own figures of the God Warriors and Marine Warriors will be able to re-enact spectacular battles in their displays.

※The Saint Cloth Myth EX Alpha Star Dubesque is sold separately.

The long-running flagship series “Saint Cloth Myth” and “Saint Cloth Myth EX” continue to flourish with this new revival of the Bronze Cloths.
We hope fans all over the world will get an opportunity to experience these new figures, which capture the enduring excitement and passion of the Saint Seiya se-ries!