Awakening from Myth:
A Review of the The Saint Cloth Myth EX Hades Figure
(On Sale December 2020)

2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the Saint Cloth Myth EX series, and long-awaited arrival of Hades – the character that will finally allow fans to complete a full collection of Athena and the Saints!

Hades’ army is clad in Surplices, a special form of armor said to be made from minerals from the Underworld. As befitting the god-king of the Underworld, Hades’ Surplice is accurately finished in a rich blue with chrome highlights.
Hades was released in the Saint Cloth Myth series in 2011, but this EX edition fea-tures spectacular unfolding wings that are faithfully colored to match his on-screen appearance in the anime. Starting with the waist and skirt armor, the en-tire figure’s sculpt has been re-evaluated and improved, for an even more dra-matic silhouette befitting the EX series.

In order to make the six-winged Hades figure a reality, we developed a new base called the EX METAL BODY. This enhanced figure features diecast metal elbows, ankles, and hip joints that firmly support the weight of the wings, while simultaneously re-solving the longstanding issue of how to best cover exposed joints. They allow for stable posing without disturbing the silhouette of the figure even in dramatic pos-es, for a natural appearance and freedom of movement that only the EX series can achieve. It feels like a whole new evolution of action figure technology.

Eyes as deep as the ocean depths, yet tinged with sorrow. The sculpt of the head captures Hades’ sorrowful gaze in uncompromising detail. Just take a look and we think you’ll agree how faithful of a representation it is.

In addition to his normal face, three other expressions (for a total of four) are in-cluded.
The blood-streaked face captures Hades’ fury at Pegasus, who injured his human body in battle.

Images shown are of a prototype and the actual product may vary.

Hades’ sword, which symbolizes his divinity as Athena’s staff and Poseidon’s spear do theirs, is rendered here with a working scabbard for the very first time. Now fans can finally replicate the scene of Hades drawing his sword to try and kill Athena in battle.

In addition to a normal sword, an anime-accurate red-tinted sword is included. Beautiful pink chrome faithfully captures the glowing aura of this fateful weapon.

A cape, as seen when Hades awakens from his long slumber, is also included. In-ternal wiring of the sort developed for the S.H.Figuarts series allows the cloth cape to be freely posed, for both an accurate cloth appearance and dynamic ex-pressiveness. Together with the EX METAL BODY, this is another dramatic update to previous editions of the figure, made possible by Tamashii Nations toymaking technology.

Together with the posability of the figure, the cape allows you to capture some truly dramatic scenes. The improved diecast metal joints really show their value here; just take a look at how natural the exposed shoulder areas appear.

Of course, the Surplice can be disassembled and re-arranged into Object mode, evoking a beautiful and awe-inspiring dark divinity.

With the Saint Cloth Myth Athena, now you can finally re-create the epic climax of Saint Seiya! The final battle, waged over aeons, can unfold right before your eyes.

The Saint Cloth Myth Athena is sold separately.

The Saint Cloth Myth EX Hades goes on sale in December 2020!
A new evolution of the series – and a chance to hold the God of the Underworld in your hands!

“May the blood of the Goddess resurrect the Bronze Saints!”

Saint Cloth Myth EX Pegasus Seiya (Final Bronze Cloth) is coming soon!

News will be posted on the Saint Seiya Series page on Tamashii Web soon.
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*Indicated release date is based on Japan release schedule.