The passions of players, poured into 40th anniversary products! Pac-Man Chomps into Three Brands!


  • The very first PAC-MAN machine debuted in an arcade in May of 1985. In June of the same year, video of a PAC-MAN game was streamed on the giant-sized television on Studio Alta in Tokyo’s Shinjuku, drawing huge crowds.

  • This new form of gaming, centering on a cute character and easy-to-understand “dot-eating action,” drew in legions of fans in Japan and then overseas, sparking a PAC-MAN fever around the globe.
    In the decades to come, sequels including “Super PAC-MAN,” “Pac-Land,” “PAC-MAN World,” and “Pac ’n Roll” joined the original. 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the hit series.

  • 1982: Hanna-Barbera Productions animates a PAC-MAN cartoon for American television. Broadcast during “golden time” on ABC, it achieves a peak audience share of 56%.

    1999: Billy Mitchell completes the first perfect game, with a score of 3,333,360 points, in Florida.

    2005: PAC-MAN is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the “most successful coin-operated game” for selling 293,822 machines in the seven years after its 1980 debut.

  • 2020: The 40th anniversary of PAC-MAN. PAC-MAN events unfold around the world under the banner “Join the Pac!”


An interview with the head of planning, touching on the appeal of the products, the craftsmanship, and behind the scenes stories. PAC-MAN fever transformed into a product!


Special music video is revealed!


A Chogokin robot PAC-MAN?PAC-MAN, prepare to launch!

A series of diecast metal toys that launched with Mazinger Z in 1974. It utilizes metal parts in concert with a variety of other materials to faithfully capture the appearances and features of popular characters.
PAC-MAN? As a Chogokin!?
A diecast metal portrayal done in the Chogokin style! Features flying punches and even transforms into a vehicle! The ghosts can be placed in the hands, and a mini-PAC-MAN pilot can ride inside the robot for added play value.
Height: 105mm (Minifigure: 22mm)
Materials: ABS, diecast

■Set Contents
・Main Body
・Four Ghosts
・Stand Set
・PAC-MAN Minifigure

Honoring his 40th anniversary,PAC-MAN joinsS.H.Figuarts!

A palm-sized action figure series dedicated to pushing the envelope of what’s possible in terms of accuracy, posability, and colors.
The technology of S.H.Figuarts brings PAC-MAN to life as a highly posable, realistically sculpted action figure that can be posed without compromising its appearance! Re-create your very own dynamic scenes, however you like!
Height: 105mm
Materials: ABS, PVC

■Set Contents
・Main Body
・1 left and 2 right optional hands
・Optional expression part

A replica of PAC-MAN’sarcade appearance,with realistic movementand sound effects!

Using the know-how gained from decades of producing life-sized make-believe items, PROPLICA uses the latest technology to create collector-grade prop items for discriminating grown-up fans who demand the ultimate in realism.
Roll to activate its munching action! Includes game sounds!
It’s as though PAC-MAN has leapt off the screen and into real life. Rollers on the bottom of the figure open and close the mouth when rolled, triggering cookie-eating and ghost-chomping sound effects! And if you keep eating, you even trigger the rare intermission scene sound effect! Includes a stand.
Height: 80mm
Materials: ABS, PVC

■Set Contents
・Main body
・3 LT44 batteries (for test purposes)

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