The Saiyan Prince Arrives September 2021!

Tamashii Nations conceived IMAGINATION WORKS as the ultimate action figure series.Following the release of Son Goku in October of 2020, the fiercely proud Saiyan prince Vegeta joins the series! At approx.1/9th scale (170mm), just like its predecessor, the large size allows for an unprecedented amount of fine detail and coloration.And of course, no effort was spared on the articulation, making this an incredibly dynamic action figure. Let’s take a closer look.

You can see detail even down to the wrinkles between his eyebrows. Expression options include a normal face and a grimacing face, with optional eyes that let you change the direction of his sightline.

That distinctive hairstyle has been amazingly rendered in three dimensions. Note the ears, faithfully replicated from the comics.

Two Super Saiyan heads are included: normal and shouting faces. While his hair normally looks similar to Goku’s, in Super Saiyan mode it “powers up” to be much bushier. Four types of expression plus sets of different eye and pupil shapes let you enjoy a total of 12 different expressions.

Note the attention to detail in the coloring. The edges of the chest and gloves and boots feature realistic shadowing, enhancing the sense of quality.

The first release, Son Goku, used “seamless material” technology for the arms, but Vegeta’s limbs are covered in cloth to hide the joints. IMAGINATION WORKS is dedicated to analyzing and picking the best possible technical solution for each character’s design.

The suit uses a specialized thin cloth to avoid hindering arm and leg movement, and it bunches naturally so as to enhance the reality of the figure during posing. The muscles that appear under the suit are detailed with musculature over an internal posable frame.

The legs. The line from leg to hip is designed to look as natural and close to a real human body as possible Note the posable toes on the boots.

The hands offer a variety of options, letting you re-create Big Bang Attack and Final Flash poses. The hands capture natural attack poses without breaking the silhouette of the arms. A pair of crossed arms is included as an option as well.

Those who’ve purchased Son Goku won’t want to miss this Vegeta so they can re-create the universe’s most powerful Saiyan combo! IMAGINATION WORKS VEGETA goes on sale in stores in September. Stay tuned for news about the third release in the series!