Sales begin August 2022 in Japan!
Introducing MONKEY. D. LUFFY

IMAGINATION WORKS’ newest 1/9th size premium-quality posable figure!

With numerous exciting One Piece developments happening this summer—including the release of the latest One Piece film—who should reward us fervent figure fans with his powerful presence but the one and only MONKEY. D. LUFFY himself!

Today, we’ll be introducing some never-before-seen images of the latest in-development factory model of this exciting new figure!
*All images are of the latest in-development factory models, and may differ from the final product.

This lovingly-created reproduction was developed with the utmost attention to molding, feel, coloring, and visual appeal, and features the iconic Luffy sporting his latest outfit.
Honestly, holding this figure almost makes you feel like you’re meeting the famous pirate face-to-face!

Subtle inking allows for the recreation of the weaves on Luffy’s trademark straw hat and delivers a more textured result. There’s also evidence of past repairs and even some damage from Luffy’s tangle with Buggy, too!

Highlights on Luffy’s shorts and shadows on his sash help bring the model to life.

Cloth fabric used in Luffy’s cloak and shirt helps deliver a realistic look and feel, while wire in the coat sleeves allows fans to create a variety of appealing poses. Each garment has its own unique texture, too—pick the figure up and feel for yourself!

In addition to his regular eyes, Luffy also comes with a second set that are a perfect fit for recreating angry facial expressions. Mixing and matching his eyes (these can face left, forward, and right!) with the four included faces lets you create many expressions, including those shown above, for a total of fifteen unique and easy-to-make combinations.

In addition to the no-cord hat pictured above, this figure also comes with a corded version, which can be hung around Luffy’s neck even when he’s wearing his black cloak.

Interchangeable elbow-to-hand arm pieces allow fans to recreate scenes featuring Luffy using Armament Haki, with glossy black paint perfectly capturing the impression of a wearer covered with hardened, invisible armor.

Moveable sections on Luffy’s upper body are covered by his outfit, resulting in a figure that merges natural, flexible posing with a lifelike look. The ability to directly adjust the cloth cloak and shirt adds another layer of freedom and expression.

The abundance of interchangeable parts makes for an incredibly high-value product that enables detailed recreation of some of One Piece’s most thrilling scenes. But don’t take our word for it—pick one up and see for yourself!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this product introduction!

Sales of IMAGINATION WORKS MONKEY. D. LUFFY begin in Japan in August, 2022, with global distribution also planned!

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