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Iron Man Mk-85 -《I AM IRON MAN》 EDITION (Avengers: Endgame)

Character : MARVEL

  • From Avengers: Endgame comes the Iron Man Mk-85, as seen in the dramatic final scene of the movie. Includes numerous options, such as
    a gauntlet and a landing effect part. Diorama parts letting you re-create his parting from Pepper and Peter. And a claw blaster is included to
    replicate his appearance from the epic final battle.
    [Set Contents] Main Body, one left and two right optional hands, Optional head (Iron Man), Optional forearm (energy blast), Claw blaster
    nanoweapon (L/R), Stand

  • Release:
    Product type:
    ABS, PVC, Die Cast Action Figure 
    Product size:
    Approx. 160mm 
  • *Please note that these products are intended for ages 15 and up.
  • *Indicated release date is based on Japan release schedule.

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