A first look at the IMAGINATION WORKS Vegeta!

The second release in the renowned pinnacle of action figures, the IMAGINATION WORKS series! The Prince of Saiyan, Vegeta, is on sale now online and in retail-ers! Read on for a review with photos of the figure.

※Images are of a production sample and actual product may vary.
※Any product other than Vegeta shown below is sold separately.

By using a seamless cloth suit, the figure addresses the longstanding issue with action figures: high posability without visible seam lines! This makes for incredibly natural and realistic poses.

Here he is alongside the IMAGINATION WORKS Son Goku. Whether standing or posed in dynamic action, it looks so natural you almost forget it’s a figure. You can even compare the different textures between Vegeta’s protector and Goku’s robes.

Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?!

Believe me, my heart is exceptionally pure... Pure evil to the core!

Equipped with Super Saiyan hair, three eye options, and numerous hand variations, let you re-create your favorite scenes with ease.

You won’t want to miss this chance to experience the combination of high posabil-ity with an impeccable visual appearance. Check it out for yourself!

IMAGINATION WORKS Vegeta is on sale now at online and brick-and-mortar retailers!