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The third wave of GUNDAM UNIVERSE
figures are here!
Preorders begin 1/11/2022!

Easy to collect and pose, the GUNDAM UNIVERSE action figure series is poised to launch three new mobile suits: MSN-04 SAZABI, GF13-001NH Ⅱ MASTER GUNDAM, and XXXG-01S SHENLONG GUNDAM! Preorders begin January 11, 2022 in stores (including online shops, electronics retailers, and hobby shops.) We’ve prepared pictures of the upcoming figures to whet your appetites!

  • ※Images shown are of prototypes and actual product may vary.
  • ※All products shown other than MSN-04 SAZABI, GF13-001NHⅡ MASTER GUNDAM, and XXXG-01S SHENLONG GUNDAM are sold separately.


As seen in the classic animated film “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack,” Sazabi is the personal mobile suit of Neo Zeon’s leader (and Amuro Ray’s eternal rival) Char Aznable. Featuring Char’s distinctive crimson colors, it also features the distinctive marking seen on the front skirt panel.

Weapons included are Beam Shot Rifle and Beam Tomahawk. The Beam Tomahawk’s blade is finished in rich gold colors.

A size comparison between Sazabi and Nu Gundam.
You can see how much larger the Sazabi is than other mobile suits.

Recreate the climactic battle at Axis!


Next is the mobile fighter piloted by Master Asia, the teacher of Domon Kasshu, protagonist of “Mobile Fighter G Gundam”! The figure perfectly captures its distinctive black, navy blue, and red colors with yellow accents!

High range of movable joints lets you capture dramatic fighting moves and action scenes.

It also includes an optional Darkness Finger hand. Now you can re-create the dramatic battle between master and student at the 13th Gundam Fight!


The third release is the Shenlong Gundam, piloted by Chang Wufei in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”! The distinctive chest-piece is rendered in accurate detail.

Optional hands, a Beam Glaive, and SHENLONG shield are included. The Beam Glaive can be mounted on the back, and its blade is finished in metallic green!

The right arm also accordions out for attacks, just like in the show!

Shenlong Gundam marks the fifth mobile suit from Gundam Wing to arrive in the GUNDAM UNIVERSE series! Collect them all to build your own Gundam collection!

That’s all for now... See you next time!

Preorders for MSN-04 SAZABI, GF13-001NH Ⅱ MASTER GUNDAM, and XXXG-01S SHENLONG GUNDAM begin January 11, 2022 at stores (including online shops, electronics retailers, and hobby shops)!