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Figuarts mini

What is Figuarts mini ...

Condensing the charm of the character into a palm-sized deformation.
Lively eyes, deformation arrangement of the simple move is attractive
It is a figure.

Overall height about 90 mm Deformed figure of palm size!
  1. POINT 1 Alive eyes

    Glittering EYE technology applied through 3D modeling and glossy coloring create attractive eyes full of vigor.

  2. POINT2 Express an impressive pose

    Interchangeable arms parts allow depiction of character in different poses.

  3. You can also enjoy POINT 3 posing

    Well-articulated neck, shoulders and legs allow for recreation of a variety of scenarios.


  • 001 Sailor Moon

  • 002 Sailor Mercury

  • 003 Sailor Mars

  • 004 Sailor Jupiter

  • 005 Sailor Venus

  • 006 Mash Kyrielight

  • 007 Gilgamesh

  • 008 Ishtar

  • 009 Kaname Madoka

  • 010 Akemi Homura

  • Kylie & Hayabusa (Kylie ver.)