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Iron Man Mark I: Birth of Iron Man Edition Review

The Iron Man Mark I, the forerunner of all to come, appeared in “Iron Man,” the very first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And now, the classic Iron Man Mark I is finally joining S.H.Figuarts! Fans will remember its dramatic announcement at the TAMASHII Cyber Fes 2020 held in February. Now, in concert with the start of pre-orders, we’re going to share some pictures of the product!

Iron man Iron man

Tony Stark is a genius engineer and head of the massive military supplier Stark Industries. The suits of armor he designs are known for their cutting-edge functionality and looks. But the Mark I, built in secret to escape a terrorist organization, was necessarily assembled from parts found on site. A hodgepodge of actuators, springs, and tracks, it’s a masterpiece of jury-rigged engineering.

S.H.Figuarts is proud to announce a faithful 165mm replica of this miraculous design, incorporating the distinctive prototype silhouette of the Mark I into a highly posable action figure. With no cybernetic displays or high-tech systems, this is a literal walking pile of steel that protected Tony as he escaped from a life-threatening situation.

Iron man

The Arc Reactor in the chest is replicated with translucent parts. The plating is finished with realistic-looking weld seams and dents, and finished with metallic colors for that Mark I “built from scrap” appearance. Markings from the weapons re-purposed into the suit, such as STARK IND. are printed on for added realism.
The locomotive unit on the back is rendered in exquisite detail, down to the coils. This attention to detail is what S.H.Figuarts is all about, and makes examining the Mark I figure from all angles a pleasure.

Iron man

Both open and closed hand variations are provided, and the flame units on the arms rendered in detail. The gaps in the armor reveal flexible material and tubing beneath. Buttons for launching rockets and piping are individually colored to contrast with the armor for a distinctive appearance.

Iron man

“Effect parts” made from translucent material can be attached to the nozzles beneath the fists re-create dramatic flamethrower scenes!
This isn’t a suit designed for precise or subtle movements, so S.H.Figuarts focuses more on bringing out the expressiveness of the character rather than posability per se. It’s perfectly capable of replicating poses from the film: arms outstretched, flamethrowers at the ready, and walking.

Iron man

Tony built the Mark I to escape from the clutches of the Ten Rings terrorist organization, but the problem is the suit only has fifteen minutes of power. At the end, he escapes using his rocket boots, which the figure replicates using translucent effect parts. In concert with the flamethrower effects, fans can display the Mark I punching out of danger with its rockets at full blast!

Iron man
Iron man

Of course, it’s compatible with the “Hall of Armor” (also going on sale separately via Tamashii WEB simultaneously). Illuminating the lights really accentuates the connection between the heavy, chunky Mark I and all the suits to come later.

Iron man

Did you notice something else? In the shots of the action figure as seen in the terrorist hideout, Tony’s eyes are visible inside the mask, but when it’s in the Hall of Armor they’re of course empty. This is accomplished using a swappable option part on the inside of the mask, letting you display the suit either as being worn or empty, however you prefer for your display.

Iron man

Display it alongside the S.H.Figuarts Tony Stark (sold separately, released in April of 2019) to re-create scenes from the series. The Mark I served faithfully in getting Tony out of his predicament with the terrorists, but didn’t boast the firepower needed for future missions. Yet Tony couldn’t forget its role both in saving his life and as the ancestor of all the later suits he would make, which is why he restored and displayed it in the Hall of Armor.

Iron man

The S.H.Figurarts Iron Man Mark I Birth of Iron Man Edition, forerunner of all Iron Man suits to come, is taking preorders from Thursday May 28 on Tamashii Web!
And what’s more...

This figure commemorates the launch of a new S.H.Figuarts “Thank You Tony” project!

S.H.Figuarts "Thank You Tony" project Lineup

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