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Taro is here!
arrives for preorder starts from April 15th!

This S.H.Figuarts release celebrates the debut of a new Ultraman suit -- ULTRAMAN SUIT TARO -- on the second season of the Netflix "ULTRAMAN" anime series!

Read on for an early look at the figure and its features!

Here's a straight-on shot. You can see how faithfully the figure captures his distinctive motifs of Ultraman Taro's appearance, from the twin horns on his helmet to the crimson-and-silver coloring and the slender proportions of his legs.

The head uses translucent parts and a multi-layer construction to replicate the twin eyes behind the visor. Mechanical details are rendered with trademark S.H.Figuarts accuracy. The appearance differs from that of the original ULTRAMAN SUIT and Ver.7, as you can see in the curves of the body and overall design.

The TARO SUIT controls fire, and the figure includes a fireball effect that can be attached to the right hand to replicate the moment of launch. And as an homage to the Ultra Badge from the original "Ultraman Taro" television series, the anime original "suit transport gadget" is included. Of course, it features realistic detail as well!

The set also includes effect parts to replicate the Specium Slash Barrier, which are also compatible with the S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN -the animation- figure for incredible play value!

And it goes without saying that the figure has full S.H.Figuarts possibility.
It can even take deep-knee bend poses with no problem.

Optional hands up the drama by letting you re-create classic Ultraman Taro fighting poses!

It's a perfect complement to the S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN -the animation- and S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN SUIT ver7 -the animation- figures (both sold separately)!

The S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN SUIT TARO is available for preorder starting Friday, April 15!



※Photos are of a prototype. Actual product may vary