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The S.H.Figuarts Omegamon Premium Color Edition!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the theatrical release of the film “Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!” And in response to the requests of fans around the globe, Omegamon is re-joining S.H.Figuarts in a newly revised edition. Let’s take a look!

※Image shown is of a prototype. Actual product may vary.

Check out Omegamon’s new gorgeous, fully posable cape!


Here’s a comparison of the S.H.Figuarts Omegamon released in 2016 and the new Premium Color Edition. The 2016 version featured anime-style matte colors, while the new Premium Color Edition is finished in luxurious pearlescent white and metallic colors! It’s a different take that brings out a new appeal for the character. Other changes include improved thigh joints that do a better job of hiding the posing lines.

The included Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon are also finished in richer colors to match the figure’s new appearance!


The S.H.Figuarts Omegamon released in 2016 featured a soft cape that could be posed with the aid of a stand, but the new Omegamon Premium Color Edition utilizes S.H.Figuarts series cape technology for the added play value of standalone posability.

Above, we compared the old version with a test run of the new figure’s cape. The new version features a two-ply structure with embedded wires, allowing it to be posed however you like!
Special attention was paid to material and color, with the white chosen to match the pearlescent color of the figure. The interior red color enhances the expressiveness of the cape, making for an all-around sense of stylishness. The white has a more cream-colored hue than the pure white of the body, for a screen-accurate appearance that also stands out during dramatic poses.


Last but not least, the accessories! The 2016 edition came with Taichi and Yamato. Those are limited to that edition of the toy.
Now, this Premium Color Edition Omegamon comes with a new stand, which in conjunction with the posable cape allows for all sorts of exciting action poses. The support rod can also be extended, letting you capture scenes of Omegamon in flight.

The S.H.Figuarts Omegamon Premium Color Edition will close up its orders soon on PREMIUM BANDAI USA! It’s a whole new evolution of the S.H.Figuarts Digimon Series!

©Akiyoshi Hongo / Toei Animation

※Photos are of a prototype. Actual product may vary